Overcoming squeaking sofas and couches caused by metal clips, was the intention behind the invention of BeA’s Rapid Clip. Implementing the system has led to cost savings, improved quality and increased productivity for furniture manufacturers.

Invented in 1988 BeA’s RapidClip has since then become the standard rail clip at the world’s largest furniture manufacturer. The German-made, patented RapidClips are compound furniture rail clips that offer the following benefits:

  • No squeaking – improved quality perception
  • 10 year guarantee – certified
  • Shortened process time – increased efficiency
  • Material cost reduction – direct bottom line savings
  • Eliminate damaged rails during material handling – no waste
  • Minimized time-lost to injuries
  • Fully automatic application
  • Variety of styles to accommodate all applications

RapidClips’ patented design eliminates squeaking completely and permanently. The consumer’s quality perception of the finished furniture will be higher and returns due to squeaking seats will be completely eliminated. RapidClips are guaranteed for ten years. The full composite construction will not wear out, unlike plastic-lined metal clips.

RapidClips stand for quality, and are guaranteed for ten years. RapidClips are manufactured in Germany and comply with DIN ISO 9001 (2008) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (2009). The independent laboratory LGA QualiTest GmbH/Furniture Testing Institute of Germany confirms the durability and noise emission levels in accordance with RAL-GZ 430/4 (2008).

On the factory level, the introduction of RapidClips will have an immediate positive impact on efficiency and productivity. Sinuous springs snap permanently into the RapidClip, operators do not need to “fish-and-hook” and then close the clips with a hammer or stapler, as with metal clips. The operator will thus save time. RapidClips immediately provide visual feedback of properly installed springs, reducing the time for inspection and re-work.  On average the clip and spring installation time can be cut by 66%.

Due to their unique front-rail mounting design, RapidClips allow for shorter sinuous springs than metal clips. Immediate cost savings can be realized. Moreover the RapidClips’ design guarantees spring forces to be perpendicular, reducing the need to brace frame rails thus reducing material and labor cost.




The secure fastening of RapidClips with two BeA staples will eliminate damaged rails during the in-factory material handling process. Re-work of rails due to dislodged or bent metal clips will be completely eliminated, guaranteeing that 100% of all RapidClips applied will be incorporated into a finished piece of furniture.

The composite construction combined with two vertical BeA staples – that do not protrude through the bottom rail – results in no sharp edges on which workers can get injured. Eliminate costly time and money lost to injury.

RapidClips can be applied manually with a BeA stapler, which has been equipped with a specially designed work-contact to hold down the RapidClips. For full system integration, BeA also offers semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines. The fully-automatic machines allow up to 1,000 different frame styles to be programmed. After loading frame rails into the machine and ensuring that RapidClips are loaded into the hopper, the machine will automatically produce the desired number of clipped rails, without any operator supervision. Engineered and build in Germany the fully-automatic SM-UA-EX machines consistently apply clips, even on bowed or bent rails further contributing to an efficient production by increasing the yield of product.

While BeA’s FW8 RapidClip is the most commonly used rail clip, we offer almost 20 unique styles accommodating different applications and wire gauge sizes.

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