R20 Anchor

1 5/8" - 2 3/8"
40mm - 60mm
DescriptionDiameterLeg Length
R20 4.0 x 40 NK Ring Anchor (K-Box)0.1574.0mm1 5/8"40mm
R20 4.0 x 50 NK Ring Anchor (K-Box)0.1574.0mm2"50mm
R20 4.0 x 60 NK Ring Anchor (K-Box)0.1574.0mm2 3/8"60mm
*Additional finishes and lengths might be available upon request
BeA Material Codes
BK Bright
NK Steel galvanized
NK HZ Steel galvanized, resin-coated
NK H Steel galvanized, hardened
NKS Steel galvanized, case hardened
NK H HZ Steel galvanized, extra hardened
FV hot-dipped galvanized
VZ electro galvanized
LM Aluminum
NR stainless steel. Grade 304
KU copper
MS brass