BeA Beginnings

coverFounded in 1910 in Hamburg, Germany, BeA has grown and expanded from its original beginnings as a small import and export company into a global market leader for professional tools and fastening systems. BeA’s global headquarters moved to Ahrensburg, just outside of Hamburg, in 1951 and global expansion of the brand began shortly thereafter. Today, BeA’s products are available worldwide through BeA-owned subsidiaries of authorized resellers.

In the 1950s BeA introduced the first pneumatic nailer with the BeA logo to the market, forming the basis for the company’s success. Since that time, the distinctive BeA blue logo has become a trusted symbol of reliability and maximum efficiency. Tools with the BeA logo consistently remain the first choice among industry and trade professionals.

We Provide Recommendations And Solutions For:

  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Pallet And Crating
  • Corrugated Box Closing
  • Construction Applications
  • Automated Fastening Systems
  • All Other Wood-To-Wood Stapling And Nailing Applications

What We Do

Quite simply, BeA makes the world’s best staplers, nailers and fastening technologies. We market and sell through our own sales force or authorized distributors. As an innovative quality leader in the industry, BeA complies with the most recent industry standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 to ensure the highest possible quality standards are met.




Distinct Service Philosophy

Our customers’ experience is the most crucial quality benchmark by which we operate.

Discerning customers have come to rely on BeA’s professional support. For example, our design teams partner with customers to develop special solutions for use within the customer’s existing production environment. We offer tailor-made solutions that only BeA can deliver. Modernization focusing on the latest technological advances, precision testing and attention from highly qualified professionals—this is the BeA promise.

Our customers’ experience is the most crucial quality benchmark by which we operate.



Continuous Improvement

Experts in the BeA engineering department strive to improve efficiency on a daily basis. Most ideas for new devices first take shape on the computer. Once a product is prototyped, our design engineers conduct tests with regards to noise, speed, vibration and pressure. These tests provide our experts with further optimization possibilities. There is even a climate changer at BeA so that every new device can undergo long-term testing for maximum reliability under extreme conditions.

Warehouse and Logistics

Our entire merchandise management—from commissioning orders for import and export to the storage of materials and components—is processed with the most modern IT systems. Every BeA product begins its journey with secure and theft-proof packaging. A dedicated team of specialists makes sure that BeA products arrive at the right place, at the right time, with the shortest delivery time possible.

BeA Worldwide

worldwideStaplers and nailers carrying the BeA logo are used around the world, from building sites in Moscow to packing lines in Melbourne. No other supplier distributes more self-loading nailers and staplers for automated industrial production. BeA is the market leader in fastening technology for furniture production on the European market as well as in the USA, Australia and South America.