Over 100 Years of BeA: A Dynamic Success Story

Simple Beginnings

The company Joh. Friedrich Behrens began in 1910 in the harbor of Hamburg. There, Johann Fredrich Behrens founded an import and export company. Although initially successful, in the postwar year of 1945 little remained of the company. Some rolls of wire, a stapler and a customer file formed the core.










Postwar Production

Only after the war did Joh. Friedrich Behrens expand to include production. Two business men, Carl Backhaus and Hans Rodmann, bought the company for 20.000 Reichsmark. In an at-the-time revolutionary move, the two new owners gave workers and employees extensive rights of company participation, which later went down in history as the Ahrensburg model.

The new owners relocated company headquarters to Ahrensburg in 1951. As mass production capabilities grew, so too did the demand for fastening technologies. What was now BeA quickly expanded with a supply of staples and staplers, later followed by pneumatic nailers.





Worldwide Growth

From thirty employees in 1951, the staff increased in the seventies to over 400 professionals. Although our numbers have grown, what hasn’t changed is BeA’s commitment to innovation, service and technological excellence.

Recognizing that good products alone are not enough, BeA is a reliable partner to our customers. Over our 100+ years we have invested a lot—in both technology and people—in order to support trend-setting products and services. Customer proximity with motivated BeA staff in the field builds trust and gives BEA important feedback, which can be brought into new products as technical innovations..




BeA Today

The company Joh. Friedrich Behrens founded in 1910 has, over its 100+ year history, developed into a global group of companies. Today, the brand name BeA is synonymous with professional fastening technologies. The BeA group produces for the furniture and automotive industries, prefabricated housing construction, the packaging industry and trade. As a modern brand with market leading products, we accomplish things our company founders couldn’t have even imagined possible, such as running all of our machines through three million operating cycles before they’re ever sent out the door.

Innovative technologies that set the standards for fastening technologies – that’s 100 years of BeA.