BeA Autotec

Automation Technology for fastening applications

What is BeA Autotec?

Simply put, BeA Autotec tools extend the capabilities that limit hand-held pneumatic tools.

Mounting a tool? Integrating it into a machine? Tired of wasting time by constantly reloading tools? Looking to speed things up, and shoot up to ten times a second? Need feedback about whether the magazine is empty? Controlling a process via PLC?
Or even thinking about using robots for fastening solutions?

BeA Autotec has answers for all of those challenges.
Custom-built in Germany since 1989,

BeA Autotec is truly The Power of Fastening.

BeA Autotec: what is available?

Looking to fit a tool into a tight space, while still offering high load volumes? Fastening into a hard to reach space? BeA Autotec magazine configurations and custom-options allow to accommodate all requirements. Available for almost all BeA fasteners and optional accessories for full system integration.


Long Magazine

  • fasteners load from the rear
  • simple and compact
  • also available for robotic applications, with external reload station

Top Loader

  • ideal for high-load applications
  • fasteners are stacked on top of each other to maximize load capacity
  • the most popular Autotec tool

Side Loader

  • combines high load-volume with a low profile
  • fasteners load from the side
  • can be mounted upside down

Change-over Cassette

  • reload via interchangeable magazine
  • shorter reload times, increased productivity
  • especially suited for wall-panel applications

Horizontal Coil-Nailer

  • Up to 700 coil nails

Vertical Coil-Nailer

  • Vertical magazine (up to 700 nails) for a smaller footprint

Strip Nailer

  • Up to 4 strips of nails


BeA Autotec accessories optimize your workflow for decreased downtime and increased autonomy. Accessories include:

  • eletric actuation valve
  • magazine control sensor
  • shot control to alert of fastener jams
  • central plug for single electrical connection
  • continuous feed cylinder to attain high and consistent fastening speeds

Want to find out more?

Interested in finding out more about BeA Autotec? Contact us, a brief description of your application, fastener requirements and intended set-up will help us to get started.