VTT- Connector

Simple, quick, robust, cost-effective, utility patented.

BeA VTT connectors, an innovative, economical and efficient way to assemble shipping crates made out of wood (such as OSB) and cardboard.
Simply place the connectors, bend them (for corner connections) and place boards in the VTT-Connectors. Shipping containers are secured
with (poly- or steel-) strapping. VTT-Connectors are available for board sizes of 1/2″ (VTT12) and 5/8″ (VTT15).


  • Quick and accurate assembly
  • No nails or screws required to build crates
  • Cost of shipping empty crates – with VTT Connectors the crates can be flat packed and quickly assembled on site
  • Crates can be opened quickly, no nails or screws to pull. Simply cut the strapping and access the product.
  • VTT-Connectors (and crates) can be reused.
  • Wood recycling without having to worry about nail or screw removal.
  • VTT-Connectors have been succesfully tested by BFSV in Germany

Quick and easy installation:

  • build base of crate
  • take one VTT Connector per corner
  • bend VTT Connector to create 90 degree angle
  • place VTT Connectors on base
  • secure with two washer-head screws (#8 and up) to base
  • insert side walls
  • place one more VTT Connector on each corner (simply pressed into the OSB)
  • close crate

BeA VTT video