BeA Autotec – Solutions for automated and stationary fastening applications

Autotec_284_Change_over_Cassette_246_02One of the biggest challenges in automating stapling and nailing processes is to overcome the bottleneck that is created by using modified hand-held tools. Specifically fastening speed, load volume and system integration are concerns. BeA Autotec tools eliminate these challenges by offering a German-made package of customized high-load, high-speed tools with full PLC integration.

Customers in a wide range of industries such as pre-fab houses, furniture, packaging, automotive, cabinets and even foundries have implemented BeA Autotec tools. From single units to fully automated lines customers and machine-builders have benefitted from:

  • Highest product quality with exact manufacturing tolerances
  • Wide variety of modules and customization options
  • Process reliability due to full PLC integration
  • Longevity with long-term availability of parts
  • Global support and service

BeA’s Autotec tools allow for streamlining and optimization of processes due to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased manufacturing cost
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced staff work-load
  • Shortened change-over time
  • Minimized maintenance



BeA Autotec magazine configurations
BeA Autotec long magazine:

fasteners load from the rear, different nose lengths available

BeA Autotec top loader:

fasteners are stacked on top of the magazine, different nose lengths, magazine heights and load orientations (left/right) available

BeA  Autotec side loader:

fasteners load on the side of the tool, different nose lengths, magazine sizes and load orientations (left/right, upside down/normal) available.




BeA Autotec cassette:

unique cassette magazine, that allows for the fasteners to be reloaded via a cartridge (reload magazine away from the tool while it is still working). Different nose lengths available.


_0000_Autotec-jumbo-coil.JPGSince its inception in 1989, BeA’s Autotec division has successfully implemented over 10,000 tools for stationary and automated stapling and nailing applications. The goal has always been to engineer a pneumatic tool that can be fully incorporated into a manufacturing process and enhance it.  BeA’s Autotec tools take this approach to the next level by providing a custom-built industrial tool that can be fully integrated into a manufacturing process and allow electronic actuation. Supervisory modules allow feedback on magazine load status, shot control to avoid dry-firing and progress of forward fastener movement on the magazine rail.

The process of designing an Autotec tool begins with the analysis of the application and its parameters. Based on these factors BeA’s Autotec tools are then built to meet the requirements of the application and the equipment it will be used in. Different engine sizes allow for a maximum of drive power and cycle frequency while offering the smallest foot-print possible. Based on factors such as available space, type of fastener, cycle speed and desired load volume, one of four available magazine types is offered. These can further be customized in height and length. The four magazine types are: long-magazine (similar to a regular staple tool), top-loader (fasteners are stacked on top of the main magazine rail), side loader (magazine mounted to either side of the main magazine), and interchangeable cartridge. The cartridge allows fasteners to be pre-loaded into an exchangeable magazine while another cartridge is currently providing fasteners to the tool in operation. The magazine cartridges can be exchanged with the tool in operation. Further magazines include options for strip and coil nails (regular and jumbo).

Autotec_Tool_Robot_StationFor full automation, BeA offers an Autotec tool that can be mounted to a robot arm with an external reloading station. The small footprint of the tool allows it to be rotated into firing position even in tight spots, the tool then reloads itself outside of the main work area for maximum productivity and minimal operator involvement.

While the industrial design affords long durability and minimal service, the key benefits of BeA’s Autotec tools are their high load capacity and high shot frequency of up to 10 shots per second while being in full control of the process through PLC integration.

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